Building Websites Can Be Educational and Profitable

The job market is getting tougher by the day, and more and more employers are looking for high tech skills related to website development, internet marketing, and search engine optimization. During most recessions, the demand for new skills and higher competition among the workforce leads to a rise in college enrollment, particularly at the graduate level. This time, however, something is different and potential students are finding that the cost of college is simply too high when the economy is doing so poorly.

The good news is that you or someone you know can learn these skills on your own for very little cost – and probably earn some money back in the process. For the cost of a hosting account, or even by using a free website host like Blogspot or WordPress, you can set up your own website and begin making some sense of out the technical jargon that employers are looking for more than ever.

Popular website building software makes installation easy to accomplish, and that provides at least a platform on which you can build and tinker and learn a bit more about what it takes to customize the site visually and functionally. Upgrade and maintenance can be performed with one of the many online guides, and after performing a few software upgrades on website infrastructure the process becomes less of a mystery and more of the type of thing you would feel comfortable with if asked to do for a high tech job.

Once the website is set up, the process of populating with content can help you sharpen your writing skills, photography skills, or video editing – whatever medium you like to express yourself in can be translated to an online presence. When the content is provided, promoting the website and building organic traffic is the final skill that your next employer would be glad to hear about. Even though old media advertising through television and newspaper are in decline, there is still a strong demand for online marketing and search engine optimization. Organic traffic through search engines can result in a lot of sales, because you’re targeting the exact thing that the surfer is looking for. This makes internet advertising a lot more focused than other forms of mass media marketing.

If you can build a website and bring constant traffic in to it, you’ll be well on your way to having the kind of skills that land a job in this or any economic environment. The cost to get started can be as high as a few dollars a month, or nothing at all if you choose to go with a free service. Obviously, free hosts are going to put more limits on your sites and give you less control over how it is monetized and marketed, but the skills you can learn about promotion and monetization of online properties is just as valuable.

John McDonald is a writer and website publisher helping new webmaster get started building websites. Popular and free software makes it easy to get started, so there’s no reason to wait! Just make sure to find the best hosting coupons like this Hostgator coupon before paying full price for your website’s hosting.

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